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Tropical Wood Carved Plaque and Tiki Bars
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Surfboard tropical tiki bar sign and plaque hand carved wooden gift

Tropical Surfboard Tiki Bar Sign and Plaque

12" x 18" x 2" thick

Choose from a variety of bright tropical color schemes from below.

Choose from either wall mounted or rope hanger.

The surfboard plaques are painted in bright tropical colors of your choosing. This plaque makes a great wall decor for your son or daughter's bedroom, especially if they are surfers or just plain love the beach. It also looks good hanging around the pool or tiki bar areas. There is plenty of room to paint your favorite sayings or name on this surfboard. Some of the favorites are "Gone Surfing," "Life's a Beach," "Tiki Bar Open," or "Gone Tanning."


Choose a Standard Saying
Enter Your Personalizing


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